week 52 | Barnaby

So this is my last portrait for this project. I seriously can’t believe how quick these past 52 weeks have passed. I had a list of people I wanted to ask to be part of this and now I ran out of weeks.

Since I started the project with crossfit when I asked Mona to be my first model, I decided I wanted to end with crossfit as well. And who is more fitting to be my final image than one of the great coaches of Connect?!

This is Barnaby. Also known as Barney or Barneberry.
He’s a coach and now also co-owner of my local box. He used to be a chef and worked with Matt as well as Louisa. Brighton is so small, everybody seems to know everybody else…
Anyway, Barney is a really great coach. He’s a bit of a nutter too 😉 He always knows how far to push us and he loves doing it. His workouts can be a bit mental though, there’s no “light” workout with him. Luckily I never know what’s on the board before coming to the box, otherwise I probably would have stayed home for a few of his sessions 😀

This morning was my third day of crossfit in a row, after being off for almost 3 weeks due to Christmas and a cold. Friday is Mash-Up day, which means 3 workouts instead of 1. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to give up a few times in between. I didn’t though, cause it’s not really an option anyway. Barney also joined in this morning and even he struggled. Which is good to know – even someone as fit as a crossfit coach has his limits!

This photo was taken soon after the WOD – in our freshly painted and brand new looking box – while my head was still bright red from exhaustion and Barney was already joking and laughing again.