week 50 | Matt

Despite not having all the Christmas feels just yet, the “season of eating all the things” sure enough has started for me nevertheless. My eating-highlight so far happened on Friday, when I went to indulge in an 8 course meal called “Gillan on the Beach”. The name derives from the venue, Lucky Beach, and the name of the chef and creator of this pop up event, Matt Gillan. And in the end, after feeding my friends and me (and some other customers too), Matt even agreed to be my portrait for this week. Yay!

So this is Matt.
Matt is a great chef! His last restaurant earned a Michelin star under him and he’s now in the process of opening a new one in Brighton. And last year he went and won the BBC Great British Menu (read more). Really impressive!

Thanks to Matt I got to experience what fine dining feels and tastes like last night and I have to say it was amazing! Matt created a very cool menu that had lots of things I never tried before and he combined flavours that I never expected to work together. Even though the individual courses were small, having 8 of those over 2.5hours was so much food that we all basically rolled home, holding our bellies. But we did that with a smile cause food makes us happy 🙂

When all the food was eaten I got to follow Matt into the kitchen to take my portrait. After I got my photo my friends and I stood around like fangirls to chat with him for a bit and learned about his plans with the new restaurant. Matt is a really sweet guy and he comes across as very humble and down to earth. I really liked that! But also, he’s very easy on the eye, as you can see. And it’s always fun to take pictures of beautiful men 😉