week 49 | Nargiza

I had to go to London for work on Tuesday and despite the journey being a bit of a pain, the day was pretty fun! We visited Enigma Quests – a sort of escape game – to talk to the owners for a video portrait we wanted to do about them. And at the end I took the chance to use one of them for my project.

This is Nargiza.
Nargiza is from Usbekistan. She’s sweet, bubbly and passionate and she loves to talk. She’s also a successful business owner at the young age of 24.

Giza and her husband Dimitri love escape games and to date have played about 200 of them all over the world. 2 years ago they opened their own version in London and called them “Enigma Quests”. It’s impressive how well these two are doing, in such a demanding city and being very young still. But they know what they’re doing and people love their quests!

The success these two are having doesn’t make them put their feet up and enjoy the ride though. While talking to them they mentioned how they are planning to expand the business and how they constantly come up with new ideas. I loved hanging out with them, see their excitement and learn more about them and their journey.

I think Nargiza might be one of the most impressive people I’ve met within the frame of this project. It was a fun day!