week 48 | Michelle

This week my bike got stolen. I’m really annoyed by it – not so much because of the financial aspects of having something stolen but because it had an emotional value to me. I’ve had that bike for 5 years. It came all the way from Zwickau to Brighton with me. It was squeaky, rusty and had some other quirks. But it was mine and now it’s gone šŸ™ So today I went out to buy a much more secure lock and will go on the hunt to get a cheap second hand bike tomorrow. Not the plan I had for this weekend.

Anyway, to cheer myself up I decided to check out a hair dresser which I keep passing ever day. The store is really small and the people working there are lovely. The owner, Rose, has pink hair, is the most lovely person and has had the salon for years and years. It was about time that I had a look after walking/cycling past it on a daily basis for over two years.

The lady who was in charge of my hair is called Michelle.
She took care of me and my stubborn locks for over 2 hours and did a fabulous job. So when we were done and I was happy, I decided to ask her to be my portrait for this week. She said she doesn’t like being photographed but didn’t even hesitate to accept my request. Love it!
It was already dark outside but luckily you can count on great light in a hair salon. Little bit of festive vibe going on with all the twinkly lights.