week 46 | Nathalie

I got up really early yesterday morning in order to get this weeks’ portrait. A while ago I asked some people in a facebook photographers group if anybody would be interested to be part of my project, so this week I finally met another one of the volunteers (after Giorgio a little while ago).

This is Nathalie.
Nathalie is from France and a keen runner. I met her before 9am on this sunny saturday morning (oh the struggle to get out of bed into the cold!!) when she was just warming up for her weekly Preston Park ParkRun. I joined the run in the past too, mostly because someone made me… Running 5km in the morning, sometimes slightly hungover,, mostly very tired though and before coffee, in the company of people who actually enjoy running šŸ˜‰

Anyway, Nathalie is a very sporty person as I learned – she runs about 3 times a week and just did a half-marathon last weekend. Crazy! She’s also a lover of photography, which kind of started when she moved to England. Rather than explaining to her family back home where she was and what she did here, she decided to show them photos she took of her surroundings. A very sweet way to keep people, who are far away, up to date with what’s happening in someone’s life.

While not being a morning person myself, I loved how easy it was to get a smiley but natural portrait of Nathalie. After I took my photo she wandered off to run for half an hour while I enjoyed the sunny morning for a bit before it all went downhill and the day turned into a grey english autumn mess with heavy rains…