week 44 | Felipe

Today was one of those days where I had to drag myself out of the house to get my weekly portrait done. Once again I left it to the last minute. I woke up not feeling too well and sensing that it was pretty cold outside but since I can’t not have a photo for the week I eventually made it out into a sunny (but chilly) afternoon in Brighton.
Browsing the seafront and the city I looked for someone interesting to have a chat with and I found one of Brighton’s many buskers in the Pavillion Gardens.

This is Felipe.
Felipe is from Brasil. He’s a traveller, musician and craftsman. He was sitting by a lamp post drumming on a small round object, like a closed steel drum, that had a very soothing sound to it. He calls it synodrom or something. He told me but I forgot already. Anyway, he makes this instrument himself which I think is really cool. He plays it and sells it while travelling the world.

Before I got to talk to Felipe I just stood near him, listening to the sound and letting it calm me down. All of a sudden a woman approached him, complementing him on the music and he invited her to sit down and try the little metal drum herself. When she finished I went over to chat with him and after getting my portrait he also made me sit down and play the instrument. He picked up his guitar and just played alongside me. That was amazing.
Such a rewarding experience after not feeling like leaving the house at all!