week 42 | Alex

This weekend we had a visitor here – Louisas friend Alex from Germany came by for a couple days.

Alex is interested in ships and wanted to go to Portsmouth, so that’s what we did on Saturday. Portsmouth has a big harbour with some old ships that have been turned into museums. I’ve been there before, a few times actually, but yesterday was the first time I entered one of the ships. We chose the HMS Victory, which is about 250 years old. It was actually really cool and interesting seeing the ship from the inside! Hard to believe how people, sailors, used to live back then.

Anyway, Alex only stayed for a little bit with us but after meeting him briefly this summer I now finally had the chance to actually get to know him a little better.
First of all, Alex speaks German, English and Dutch fluently which I think is quite impressive. He’s from Berlin, lived in Amsterdam, is now back in Germany but planning to move to Canada, where his girlfriend is from. So he’s a globetrotter, which I find not only very interesting but also very likeable. Living in different countries opens up so many opportunities for self-development and new perspectives. And talking to like-minded people about their reasons to travel and/or live in different places is always fun.

Anyway, Alex is a very nice guy. Chatty and easy to get along with. And since he likes ships so much I decided to take his portrait in front of the HMS Victory. After that we went to have some cake – cause weekends need to include cake 🙂