week 41 | Adriahn

This weeks’ portrait features my friend Adriahn.
I met him a couple months ago at salsa class. It’s funny with salsa – you dance in a circle and change partners every other minute, sometimes saying “hello”, sometimes just uncomfortably smiling at the other person because you’re both struggeling with the steps. So for a few weeks I’ve seen him, danced with him but hardly ever said anything. Until one evening he properly introduced himself and we started chatting.

Turns out Adriahn is a really nice guy with a smooth Australian accent and some interesting stories. He’s a fan of very honest and direct communication – something I appreciate a lot, being as blunt as I am sometimes. He’s intense, smiley and fun to hang out with.

Adriahn is still rather new to Brighton, enjoying the city (I hope he does anyway) and adjusting to the cold British weather until he decides to keep travelling, move somewhere else or back home to Australia. Until that happens I get to hang out with him and show him around the south of England. And occasionally take photos of him 🙂