week 40 | Busker

I’ve had a rather active weekend with a 10km mud run on saturday, followed by a 8km charity run on sunday. But since I once again hadn’t taken my weekly portrait by friday I had to get it done on sunday, which I originally planned spending doing nothing at all (after the race in the morning obviously).

I’m still not very comfortable asking strangers for a photo but the one group of people I know I can always ask are musicians. So I went down to the Brighton seafront and found this guy busking away, with the sun in his back. I listened to him for a while before approaching him – he has a very cool, edgy and slightly rusty voice and sounded awesome. I think I spent at least 10-15 minutes sitting by the beach, enjoying his songs and the warm sunshine.

When I finally did talk to him I sadly forgot to ask for his name, so he’ll just be an anonymous busker. A good one though.