week 38 | Larissa

Sundays are for catch-ups with friends and cups of tea (and coffee too). I did all of that today and finally met up with my friend Larissa again who I haven’t seen in ages.

Larissa is super cool. There’s no bullshit with her but instead lots of laughter and fun.
I’ve met her through crossfit quite a wile ago – so she’s part of my lovely crossfit family at Connect. She’s a maths teacher and hilarious. And since she’s from Australia she’s always travelling to catch as much sun and warmth as possible – because let’s face it, the UK is not a particular warm country. So whenever she’s back from one of her adventures she’s got the best stories to tell! She makes me want to see all those amazing places I never thought I needed to see. So please excuse me while I update my travel calender for 2017 šŸ˜‰