week 36 | Melissa

Last week I reunited with my Hawaiian ohana and after portraying Sharon first, I also asked the lovely Melissa to be part of my project.

Melissa and I have been friends since I lived in Hawaii 2005. Back then she took me out to see Honolulu’s night life and helped make my time on the island the best 6 months ever. We’ve only met twice again after I had to go back to Germany (not including this years’ reunion) but it’s amazing to know that friendships can last for so long no matter where you are. Melissa is one of the most amazing people I know. She’s incredibly chilled out about life but always buzzing, super creative and all around fun to hang out with. It’s sad that we can’t hang out more often due to the distance between but I think it makes the few times we do see each other even more special.

This photo was taken on our 2-day trip from Seattle to Vancouver while we were browsing stores and looking for a nice bar to end the day at. Oh, beautiful Vancouver – I think I might need to go back some time.