week 34 | Giorgio

Yesterday I met Giorgio.
Giorgio and I are both members of a facebook group for photographers based in Brighton. I joined when I moved to the UK over 2 years ago and only met one of it’s members so far so a few weeks ago I asked if anybody would be interested to be part of my project. I thought meeting someone from this online community would be a great way to getting to know fellow photographers. Also having other photographers in front of my lens takes me out of my comfort zone and I really want to push myself a little more.

Giorgio is a really sweet guy with a lot of fascinating stories. Originally from Guatemala but raised in Italy he moved to the UK a few years ago and already got so used to the weather here that he’s almost complaining about what Brits call a “heat wave” šŸ˜‰
It was really fun getting to know Giorgio a little over coffee. I learned that he is a very creative person. He’s not just doing photography, he’s also currently writing a book and I hope I get to read it one day cause he’s an excellent storyteller!
Saldy he’s moving to London very soon but once again I realised how easy it can be to meet other people if you’re willing to make room for new experiences.