week 30 | Ulli

About 2.5years ago I started doing crossfit. That was when I still lived in a small town in Germany where nobody had ever heard of crossfit. The box I started going to was 1.5hours away from where I lived, so once every week I would leave work a few minutes early to have enough time to drive to Leipzig and attend the 7pm WOD at Crossfit Leipzig.

Last week I went back home to spend some time with my parents and friends and obviously had to fit in a visit to the box that got me hooked on crossfit. And since I needed another portrait for my project I asked my first crossfit coach to be my model. A little hesitant at first, she agreed in the end.

So this is Ulli. She’s the owner and a coach at Crossfit Leipzig. Her box is rather small but the coaching is excellent. She’s funny and encouraging but also very much aware of everybody capabilities and ready to push you to your limits. She also has the most contagious loud laugh you’ll ever hear. It was great coming back to her and funnily enough doing the taster WOD she first made me do such a long time ago – Cindy. Ouch ?