week 29 | Ingrid

This is probably the most personal week in this project so far. Having missed my chance to take a portrait during week 29 I knew I once again had to do it on sunday. Maybe I just love the pressure of getting this done at the very last minute… So I decided that this week my model would be my mom, Ingrid – or Mutti as I call her.

On sunday morning I flew to Germany for a week long vacation at my parents’ place to spend some time with my family and friends. After 10 hours of travelling (I don’t even live that far away but obviously didn’t have the best luck with air and train travel that day), I arrived in Leipzig and right away dragged my mom outside for a portrait in the evening light before it would fade away.

My mom doesn’t like having her picture taken so I’m really greatful that she let me do it anyway. She’s the sweetest! She’s a great cook, baker, seamstress and very crafty in general. She doesn’t like to get rid of things and she tries to keep up with modern technology – which I know isn’t the easiest for older generations. But she’s doing her best using whatsapp and the like in order to stay in touch with me and my sister šŸ˜‰ Also, at an age of 66 she still hardly has any grey hair – good genes I suppose. Yay for red hair!