week 27 | Elaine

I just got back from an extended weekend in Berlin with some of my favourite people and once again I realised how lucky I am to have this amazing group of girls (this one, this one and this one too) in my life. For our short summer city trip to Berlin we had the lovely Elaine join the 4 of us. So I decided to take her portrait and have her be part of my project. Worked out well luckily.

So what I can tell you about Elaine?
She’s a professional musician, a dog lover, she’s unbelievably funny, full of great stories and an easy person to share a hotel room with (she doesn’t snore and hardly ever complained about my coughing). She’s also gorgeous but that’s obviously nothing I need to point out.
It was really fun having her in Berlin with us, trying to teach her German, introducing her to all the great foods Berlin has to offer and explore the city with her. We had an amazing summer weekend that went by way too fast. And I ended up with another wonderful portrait for my series. Yay!