week 26 | Christian

Looks like summer finally found its way to Brighton – let’s hope he’s here to stay this time!

With the sun shining, today proved to be perfect for a stroll along the seafront which, as usual, was plastered with talented people. And since I still hadn’t taken my portrait this week I decided to ask one of those talents for a photo. Didn’t take long for me to hear the great sound of a 2-man-band consisting of a percussionist and a guitarist/singer busking away.

The boys were called Franky and Christian with Christian doing the singing part. I really enjoyed listening to their songs and was pretty stoked to have a quick chat with them and get a portrait out of it. You can listen to Christian via soundcloud and he’s also all over social media, so go and check him out!

Also, this is my 26th portrait, which means I’m halfway through this project. And that also means we’re already halfway through 2016. Say whaaaaat????