week 25 | Christie

This week has been a bit of a rough one. The result of the EU referendum still has a lot of my friends and me in shock. So I guess it’s quite fitting that my portrait for this week is one of a “fellow immigrant friend” of mine…

This is Christie. She’s from New York and pretty cool!
We work together at INTO and until today we never really hung out properly. But today we went for a (very good but strong) coffee at one of the cool cafés in Brighton. It was so nice to learn more about her and discover all the things we have in common. Apart from working out and interests in nutrition that we already bonded over, I learned that she also sometimes works at weddings, has crazy/scary/interesting dating stories to tell and is just as straight forward as I am sometimes. Sadly she’s not as in love with Brighton as I am but maybe by going out together more often I can show her how amazing this city is and help her settle a bit more. After all I have an impressive total of 16 months more experierence here than she has 😉