week 24 | Sheila

Somehow I managed to get up quite early this morning (for a sunday that is) and join my friends for a crossfit workout. If I hadn’t kind of committed to that in a facebook conversation last night I probably would have stayed in bed – but I’m glad I managed to drag myself out of bed anyway.

Having nothing else planned for the day I happily agreed to have a post-workout coffee with my lovely friends Sheila and Julie. It turns into an almost regular thing now to refuel with coffee from our favourite coffee shop Small Batch after a sunday WOD.
Sitting in the coffee shop I once again noticed the gorgeous light inside and was very happy to have Sheila agree to be my week 24 model. Sheila is so funny and sweet and it’s always so amusing catching up on life in general and the things we’ve been up to. I can’t stretch enough how happy I am to have all these wonderful people in my life that I never would have met if it wasn’t for crossfit!

I met Sheila some time ago last year, just after she joined Connect. She lives up the road from my house, has a lovely dog (which is actually quite a statement coming from a “non-dog-loving person”) and is prone to hurt herself with basic things like squatting or getting out of a taxi 😉 Luckily she’s getting better and stronger again now and it’s great to have her along for WODs again.

So this was my exhausting/chilled sunday so far. I’m now going to attack the masses of paperwork that I’ve been meaning to sort out for the last 6 months. Fun! 🙂