week 22 | Maz

This blog and project seems to turn into a “Look at all my amazing, beautiful friends” and even though that was not the original idea I’m actually loving it. And in order to follow through with this new theme I’m very happy to feature another one of my wonderful friends.

This is my lovely Maz – one of the cool kids just like her shirt says 😉
She’s a fellow crossfitter at Connect which is how we met and became friends. Over the last year we spent more and more time together and grew close over various things like enjoying life in Brighton, crossfit, the “fun” of online dating, coffee and cake. You know, the usual things…
Maz is definitely one of the warmest and most caring people I’ve ever met. She looks out for her friends, always making sure they’re alright and also telling them off if needed (with best intentions of course, I can vouch for that). And besides being beautiful, fun, really strong and competitive she’s also a bit mad – she’s training to run the Brighton Marathon next year! I still don’t understand why people would do that to themselves but I’m looking forward to cheer her on 🙂

This photo was taken this evening in her house – which she partly renovated herself btw – after enjoying this beautiful summer day with coffee and soaking up the sun.