week 20 | Katja

This photo is a week late, nevertheless it was shot in week 20 of 2016 while I was visiting an amazing place that was on my bucket list for ages – New York City.

Anyway, this is my friend Katja.
She was one of 2 people that I knew in Brighton before moving here in 2014. She and her husband and son sadly moved away to live in Germany last year, only to pack up again a few months later to start a new adventure in New York City. What a journey! But they both (well actually all three of them) seem to have adjusted well to their new life and luckily had time to hang out while I was visiting. And since we’ve lived together in Brighton what better plan than taking the train south to Coney Island and checking out the Brighton Beach in New York?! So that’s what we did! The weather was ok-ish but not too summery which meant Coney Island wasn’t as packed as it might be on a blazing hot sunny day which was probably a good thing!
Well, after another day of walking loads and seeing and trying new things I once again felt really greatful to have friends all over the world who are happy to see me when I’m travelling on my own. Thanks for a wonderful day Katja, Domi and Kolya x