week 18 | David

This week marks my 2 year anniversary with Crossfit Connect – the crossfit box in Hove that I love so much and spend lots of my evenings at. So what better way to celebrate that milestone than having one of the owners and coaches of Connect be my model for the week?!

This is David.
While getting ready to move from Germany to the UK in 2014 I messaged him whether I could come train at his box – that’s how eager I was. So within the first week of arriving in Brighton I had my taster session with David and I never looked back! Connect is a great place with many lovely people and amazing coaches who know how far they can push you. David and his team created a really great environment to train and have fun. Not to mention that David is always smiling, encouraging and celebrating every members’ even smallest achievement.
Anyway, this photo was taken last night after the last WOD of the day at a rather empty box – which is very unsual but a nice and quiet ease into the weekend.