week 15 | Chris

Last weekend I went to Newcastle upon Tyne. I drove there all the way from Brighton on friday after work. I don’t think I’ll do that again 😉 Took me over 9 hours to get there and I arrived at 1.30am. Not how it was planned…

Anyway, I went up north to visit my friend Vicki and take photos of her and her fiance Chris. They’ll get married in a month in China. So exciting! And since I was taking pictures already, I asked if Chris would like to be part of my portrait project. As you can see, he said yes.

Vicki and Chris are so adorable. They are as different as 2 people can be and balance each other out so well – with Vicki being bubbly and chatty and always on the go and Chris being super calm and chilled. I’ve never seen someone so calm but witty and ready to shoot back whenever Vicki throws and insult at him 😉 I had an absolute blast with them and their cute puppy Cookie! And as a bonus I got so see some of the beautiful city of Newcastle. I’m sure I’ll be back at some point – this time making sure to take the train though.