week 14 | Kathrin

With this photo the first ensemble of my closest friends is done…

This is my friend Kathrin, number 3 of my lovely german friends in Brighton (next to Lousia and Petra).
I met Kathrin almost 2 years ago thanks to a very spontaneous lunch invitation from Louisa to join her friends and since then the 4 of us became regular Sunday Roast testers of Brighton&Hove. A very yummy tradition!

Kathrins photo was taken last sunday in Petras garden, catching the last hours of sunlight after a great day competing at the Warrior Run (well, Kathrin did not attend but we still let her share our celebratory pizza afterwards). I kind of surprised Kathrin with my request to take her photo for my project and she was a bit shocked to not get any prep time to glam up but luckily she still agreed. This is exactly what this project is about though – I’m not trying to portray people made up to look their best but capture them in a very natural state. And seriously, look at Kathrin! She’s a natural beauty, no preparation needed!