week 13 | Louisa

The sun is out (well it was when I wrote this anyway) and my week 13 model is my lovely flatmate. Happy days 🙂

So this is Louisa.
Louisa and I live together in Hove. I met her almost 2 years ago and I’m so happy she picked me to replace her former flatmate. 2 girls, who don’t know each other, living together in a small appartment can go terribly wrong – but luckily it didn’t in our case. The day I moved in she invited me to lunch with 2 of her friends, the ice was broken and a great friendship started.

Louisa is from Berlin but if you met her you probably wouldn’t guess that. She desn’t have a german accent and she’s never on time 😉 She’s lovely though, smart, funny, beautiful, creative, great company and always ready to tell me off if needed. Also she loves to clean the bathroom! What a great flatmate!

This photo was taken on our terrace this afternoon after a yummy roast and coffee and some grilling of Lewis about his future life plans (with best intentions though). I’m not sure why he still hangs out with us – life can be tough being friends with 2 germans who have a very different point of view on things than him 😉