week 9 | Liz

Dear people, let me introduce you to lovely Liz. We work together at INTO and this week, when we went to Stirling, Scotland, for some more filming, Liz came along as well. Trips like these are perfect to get to know my workmates better and I really enjoy that. And I also sometimes end up with a great portrait for my project, which is a nice bonus.

Liz is absolutely hilarious. She has the shortest attention span I’ve seen in an adult in a long time. She’s got no filter and is full of crazy, funny and weird thoughts and ideas, which she usually shares with everybody around her. She’s also very beautiful (as you can see) and so easy to photograph (when she’s not pulling faces). As I mentioned, I got to know Liz a lot better during our week in Scotland and I could probably tell you way more more about her, but I don’t want to embarrass her so I’ll leave it at that. Just one more thing: She made this week of hard work so much easier and funnier than I expected 🙂