week 12 | Erik

This weeks photo is delayed by a few days because this past weekend my friend Maz and I went to Amsterdam for a little break over Easter. Besides roaming the streets of this beautiful (but rather cold) city we – being the passionate crossfitters that we are – both wanted to check out a box in Amsterdam and decided to go with Crossfit AKA which was the closest to where we stayed. And what better subject to pick for my weekly portrait project than our coach for the day?!

So this is Erik.
He’s a crossfit coach, a very good one actually, and a super nice guy. Maz and I had lots of fun in his session practicing pull ups and doing a short and snappy WOD. And I even got my first 3 weighted pull ups with 3.75kg cause everybody believed that I could do it despite me being very hesitant (that’s the crossfit spirit and community that I love!).
After the workout one of the members Ashisha (?) gave us a ride to a really nice cafè where we fueled up after our workout to be ready for the days’ adventure in town. If anyone ever goes to Amsterdam, have a look for “Bar Spek”! But not without checking out Crossfit AKA first though 😉