week 11 | Liz

Another week, another Liz.
This week I am in London again and I got to work with another “INTO-Liz”. This one works in one of our London centres and it’s been a lot of fun having her around for the filming. She’s fun and bubbly and chatty and gorgeous and a little crazy too. Maybe it comes with the name?! 😉

Anyway, during our interview (mini-)marathon today I used the few minutes we had before switching locations to take a portrait of Liz for my project. Tomorrow is the last day of the filming phase and in a way I’m looking forward to being based in the office permanently. But I’m also a bit sad that my tour around our centres is coming to an end for now. But then again, spring is coming and I can’t wait to enjoy that in Brighton without having to leave every other week 🙂