week 7 | Luke

I was in London for work last week and within 2 days was happy to find someone who I wanted to ask to participate in my portrait project but when I finally had time to approach her she was gone for the rest of the week. I was a bit bummed about this to be honest but I still had a few days left and was positive to find someone else. Back in Brighton I decided to approach a complete stranger instead. I went into town today but it was really cold and I didn’t count on having any luck to get my portrait when I heard some lovely guitar tunes in the North Laines – and this is how I found my week 7 model.

This is Luke.
He’s a busker and I caught him playing his guitar and braving the wind and the cold in front of the Brighton Theatre. His sound was soothing and calming and just very lovely. Just him and his guitar. Luke seemed a bit intimidated by me though when I asked to take his photo. After waiting for him to finish his song I tried talking to him a bit but all I got was his name (which I hopefully heard correctly) and I didn’t want to make him any more uncomfortable so I just gave him my card and left. But not without at least leaving some change for him as I like to do with artits whose perfomance I enjoy.