week 5 | Lewis

It’s sunday evening and I finally managed to edit my fifth portrait. I deliberately took my time this week and therefore got to feature a very good friend of mine. Lewis.

I met Lewis about 1.5 years ago, pretty soon after I moved into my current place in Hove. He’s a friend of my flatmate Louisa and over time we became friends too and I got to know him quite well. He’s a lovely guy – he’s always helping us when we need something to be fixed around the house or want to buy a car or have a broken bike or a flat tire. Sometimes though we just hang out without any favours or work involved for him 😉
Today Louisa, Lewis and I went for a little hike through the South Downs and I wanted to take this weeks’ portrait on our walk. After a very nice and sunny morning the british weather came back though and hit us with coldness and wind. I held off taking Lewis’ portrait waiting for the wind to calm down again – which sadly didn’t happen. So we had a little tea break instead and after leaving the pub the light was almost gone and the rain hit us. So I just snapped a quick photo in order to not end up having no shot for this week. Sadly I was not happy with the outcome so I made Lewis “pose” for me again in my living room and finally got a portrait that I was happy with. Thanks for your patience Lewis!