week 4 | Rachel

This is Rachel. Rachel is a cool kid!

This week I travelled to Norwich to film in and around UEA, the University of East Anglia, and the INTO UEA. Rachel is the Marketing Coordinator for this centre and she showed us around the campus, organised all our interviews and arranged endless b-roll opportunities for us. On top of that she made sure we’re well fed and took us to some great restaurants around Norwich. The week has been tough and exhausting but we couldn’t have done it without Rachel. She proved to be a great host and entertainer! So before we set off to our drive home in the afternoon I took her aside to take a portrait of her for my project to remember that great week.

Now I’m back in Brighton, looking forward to a very lazy weekend. And I’m sure Rachel is glad that she can go back to her regular work schedule without running around on campus with us and a load of video equipment šŸ˜‰