week 3 | Nick

So it’s sunday of the third week and I finally managed to take this weeks’ portrait. I have been putting it off because I wanted to ask a guy after having already two girls on the blog but I was too shy to ask someone. And since today is the last day of week 3 I just had to get over it! So after a nice little WOD at the box this morning I approached Nick, one of the coaches, if I could take his photo for my project. As you can see he agreed. Yay!

So, let me tell you about Nick:
The Connect coaches have given him quite a few interesting/weird nicknames since he joined the box – my favourite one would probably be Pop-Tart. Not sure where that came from.
He’s a personal trainer and obviously a coach at Crossfit Connect. And he always calls me out when I’m trying to cheat during my squats! šŸ˜‰
Whenever it smells like food at Connect, it’s probably him making his lunch/dinner/snack. Therefore he usually has a smile on his face (cause food!). He actually just finished his lunch when I took his portrait today.